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About us

What began as an idea from three imaginative and ambitious men blossomed into 'Savitru'. Today our distinct portfolio stands testimony to the heights we have scaled in the lighting industry.

One thing remains same - our vision, imagination and drive have brought us here today, and we are forging ahead...

We have a strong set of technical expertise and management strategy aligned to meet today's needs, including the future demand for environmental friendly technologies.

Our products and services enable our customers to upgrade with cleaner, more efficient and better technologies.

The team Avyaya focuses on marketing, sales and after-sales service with strong commitment in the core. Our response management has set a high quality standard.

Our goal is to implement tomorrow's energy efficient lighting technology today. We have positioned ourselves with a keen interest in research and development in this domain.


To provide Green light solutions to the society (at large) through quality products & committed services.


Support and work towards creating a greener, cleaner & eco-friendly environment and make the earth a better place to live.